• Icredit | Gold Coast | What You Need to Know About Credit Scores

    iCREDIT Gold Coast Can Help You Understand Why Your Credit Score is Important

    At iCREDIT we’re all about helping our clients understand the ins and outs of finance. We really want to help Australian’s understand the importance of their credit score.  If you don’t already know, your credit score comprises of three numbers. Your score is calculated by independent credit reporting bodies, that have access to information from […]

  • Icredit | Gold Coast | Save Your Energy and Talk to Us About Solar Panel Financing

    iCREDIT Finance Can Help You Save Money on Your Power Bill

    If you own your own home, one of the best things you can do for the environment, and your pocket, is install solar panels! Unfortunately, the cost of solar panels and instillation can be a bit pricey. iCREDIT can take the hassle out of finding solar panel finance or green energy loans. A quick chat […]

  • Icredit | Gold Coast | Getting Your Boat Finance with Pre-Approval Gives You More Room to Negotiate

    iCREDIT Finance on the Gold Coast Is in Your Corner!

    When it comes to things like boat finance, you’re are always better off getting pre-approval! When you have pre-approval for your boat, you can go into price negotiations with confidence, and walk away with a better deal. At iCREDIT we’re in your corner! We can help you get your boat finance before you even start […]

  • iCredit Finance Loves the Gold Coast Indy Cars

    iCredit Finance Loves the Gold Coast Indy Cars

    The Gold Coast 600 has changed a lot over the years. Originally the main event of the weekend was not the V8 Supercars, but the Indy Cars. The Gold Coast 600 was previously named the Gold Coast Indy 300, between the years of 1994 and 2008. The Indy Cars were considered to be a main […]

  • The Gold Coast 600 is Upon us!

    The Gold Coast 600 is Upon us!

    It’s that time of year again and iCREDIT couldn’t be more exited! October is such a great month. The weather is getting warmer, and the insurance and finance industry is busy. Our favourite thing about October however, is The Gold Coast 600! Car Lovers Come from All Over to See the Supercars Zoom Around the […]

  • Buying a home with a minimal deposit

    You might be plugging away saving your 20% deposit for your home loan, but as soon as you start seeing an end in sight, the housing prices rise and the goal posts are moved further away. Is there a way to buy a house without the 20% deposit? The simple answer is yes, but it […]

  • Home Loans on the rise

    The Australian housing market went into overdrive in 2015, and we saw housing prices rise dramatically. Sydney and Melbourne had the most noticeable increases, and it has left first-time home buyers wondering how they will ever get a foot on the property ladder. Since the housing market spiralled out of control and house prices reached […]