Motor Vehicle Warranty


iCredit Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

New vehicles come with extended warranties which can cover unforseen expenses if a mechanical problem should occur, however when purchasing a used vehicle you cannot be guaranteed the same coverage especially when buying privately.


With motor vehicles containing more and more options, it can be a costly and inconvenient experience should an unexpected mechanical failure occur after purchase. Even smaller mechanical parts can be an expensive exercise to replace.


iCredit offers the choice of various motor vehicle warranty companies and products to choose from. We compare and offer the best coverage available to suit your motor vehicle and lifestyle usage giving you peace of mind when it comes to paying for expensive mechanical parts and labour bills. As some mechanical warranties can be confusing , we can assist by explaining the features and benefits of each individual warranty in to help you make an informed decision on the best cover available to suit your needs.


Some of the features available are:


  •  Australia Wide Coverage


  •   Roadside Assistance


  •   Nil Excess


  •   Choice of Repairer


  •   Warranty Premium can be bundled in your monthly car loan repayment.


For more information regarding Mechanical Car Warranty, Motorbike Warranty, Equipment Warranty, Marine and Jetski Warranty or even Caravan Warranty contact  the team at iCredit on 1300 350 118 or fill in our contact form.