• What Do I Need For A Car Loan?

    If you have ever asked the question “what do I need for a car loan?”,  It’s not too difficult to gain an average answer for a car loan, however gaining the best answer possible that’s suitable to you requires a bit of background work and supporting documents to be supplied to the lenders. With the help […]

  • Small Business Tax Deduction

        Have you considered the following for your business? √ Car Loan – If you’re looking to upgrade your work van or ute, need another vehicle for staff or perhaps you need a fleet of cars for your business, we can make your ideas a reality. √ Motorbike Loan – Upgrade your motorbike delivery fleet or […]

  • 2015 KTM RC390 Review

    <img src=”″ style=”display:none” height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”” />   After years of decline sports bikes have again become a trend and have been making a significant change into the sports articles. And while KTM has ramped up its street offerings for the last couple of years, their new 2015 KTM RC390 has pushed them up to […]

  • 2015 Ford Mustang

     Still bearing the same old brand and same old soul, this year the one and only Ford Mustang comes with an entirely new needless to say, magnificent new outlook. The Ford Mustang is an American automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company which changed the landscape of the automotive industry forever. The first model of […]

  • 2015 Nissan Skyline GTR

        Do you remember that awesome car in the movie series ‘Fast and Furious’ that always made you say, “That is one hell of a car!” The very same car ridden by the famous late actor Paul Walker. And that car was a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, the signature vehicle of Brian O’Connor aka Paul […]

  • Car Finance Queensland

        Looking for a competitive new or used car loan in Queensland?    iCREDIT is one of Queensland’s progressive finance brokers and offer a range of car loans and car leasing options for individuals and businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Western QLD.  iCREDIT help compare and negotiate low cost personal car loans or business use […]

  • How to get Car Finance with Bad Credit

    Gaining a car loan whilst you have bad credit can be a daunting prospect. Many lenders nowadays will not provide funding even if there is a small utility default listed on the credit file and many people give up trying due to being constantly rejected. Generally, unfortunate events in people’s lives lead to bad credit […]

  • How to Finance a Horse Float

      If you need a new car, gaining finance is not as hard as you think. Banks consider cars as a need item, meaning they are goods that are generally used everyday. There are many bank and financiers that will provide quick and easy loans for cars, however when trying to gain a suitable finance […]

  • Car Insurance

      With an increasing amount of Insurance Companies promoting themselves in the media, it’s becoming more difficult for consumers to choose a car insurance policy that’s going to be suitable to their needs and lifestyle requirements. Many choose the cheapest policy available, but fail to check the conditions associated with that policy. Like many things, […]

  • No Doc Forklift Finance

      Obtaining  Forklift Finance for most can be a frustrating and time consuming process. If you’re a small business owner, Company, independent contractor or starting a new business venture most banks  have strict application criteria and generally request comprehensive financial information such as profit and loss statements, bank statements or even cash flow projections. If […]

  • How to finance a Motorbike with Bad Credit

      Bad Credit Finance or 2nd chance loans are easily obtainable in the Automotive Industry, but what if you want to finance your motorbike? Most lenders have strict criteria when it comes to financing Motorbikes. These items are treated more as a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’ (such as a motor vehicle.) Unfortunately when it […]