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Office Equipment Finance & Leasing


iCredit provides Office Equipment Finance and Leasing to help business’ reduce the cost of ownership, maintain working capital and cashflow for daily operation. Photocopiers, faxes and printers are an integral part for a business to operate and it is necessary for these items to function at their fullest capacity. As office equipment ages they become obsolete and expensive to maintain and repair and quite often the cost of repairing and servicing office equipment outweighs the value.

Our Office Equipment Finance Consultants can assist in finding the best solution suitable to your business needs, usage requirements and budget.

Chattel Mortgage,

Equipment Leasing,

Commercial Hire Purchase,

Equipment Rental

Lo Doc Finance.

Our National buying power and access to one of the largest panel of lenders allows us to arrange competitive office equipment finance, rental and lease options for Commercial customers.


Finance Products for Office Equipment Include


100%, No Deposit Business Loans and Office Equipment Finance

You can borrow 100% against the equipment. iCredit provides access to equipment specific lenders and loan products for No Deposit Equipment loans and leasing with fixed repayments giving you more control over business cash flow.

You Choose!

Having access to one of the largest panel of lenders in Australia allows our Equipment Finance Consultants find the best loan that’s suitable to your budget and business needs. We assist in tailoring suitable loan options for new business ventures, contractors, small business operators to large business’ wanting to maximise their cash flow.

For many business’ it makes good sense to finance or lease office equipment as it can reduce overheads, extend working capital, maintain up to date equipment and it can be up to 100% tax deductible. Loan terms vary from 1 to 7 years.

Fast, Flexible, Easy

 Our online loan application is a simple and hassle free process to get your business equipment finance application moving.

Once received we take care of the rest. With a fast turnaround time (generally 24 – 48 hours) this can assist to reduce business downtime.

We provide low rate Consumer Equipment Finance to Commercial Equipment Leasing, Lo Doc Facility for self employed with no or little financials, Full Doc Finance, Lease and Rental options tailored to suit.

Loan Products available range from either Secured Equipment Finance / Unsecured Loans, Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, Lo-Doc and Hire Purchase options.

Low Rates

 We consistently monitor current business equipment finance interest rates to maintain and offer the most competitive deals in Australia. iCredit’s National buying power helps you get the best deal based on your overall business profile and loan requirements. Our team will be able to offer the best approval based on your business profile, capacity and goods being purchased.


Obligation Free

Even if you are still in the research phase or want to compare your current Office Equipment Loan approval, speak to one of our trained finance consultants for an obligation free quote. You will be assigned a personal finance consultant for the duration of the loan application who can answer any questions you may have regarding equipment loans.



We Provide Suitable Financing Options For:


Fax Machines




Telecommunications and Networking

Audio Visual

For more information regarding finance, leasing and rental solutions for business finance and office equipment

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Our staff can provide information on choosing the right loan product to suit your needs and requirements.




iCredit Office Equipment Finance and Leasing is provided in the following states: QLD including Brisbane, Gold Coast, sunshine Coast, NSW, Sydney, VIC, Melbourne, ACT, TAS, SA, WA and NT