Lo Doc Equipment Loans For Small Business



Equipment loans can help grow and expand your business, establish new clientelle and employ more staff. For most small business’, gaining a suitable equipment loan can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Equipment Loans can range from excavators, tractors, attachments, office equipment, trucks, trailers, catering equipment and more.

Difficultly In Obtaining Equipment Finance Without Financials.

Most banks have strict application criteria and generally request comprehensive financial information such as profit and loss statements, bank statements or even cash flow projections to help with their decision process.  If new or established businesses  are unable to provide this information most banks will be unable to approve the loan for you. This will mean your business cannot expand and subsequent business income increase. Having a business that doesn’t operate to its full potential will mean you are trapped in a cycle of not being able to provide the financial information needed for the lenders approval.

Lo Doc Equipment Finance Solutions.

Lo Doc or No Doc Equipment Finance is designed to assist new ventures, established small and large businesses with their purchases whilst providing little or no financials, tax records, statements etc. This is a solution for some businesses who need to either upgrade equipment or add to their inventory without having to meet normal bank lending criteria.

How Can iCredit Help?

iCredit works with accredited lenders to assist Australian business owners purchase machinery and equipment with lo doc finance.

 If you have been rejected by the bank,  iCredit works can provide a suitable finance solution to meet your business income streams and overall budget. We work with our customers to ascertain their needs and requirements which allows us to tailor a loan through appropriate lenders. Lo Doc loans are not easily accessible and are a specialised product. You will need to talk to our  team of professional finance consultants to get the result you need.


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