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  • We can help you find a hassle free personal car loan or business car finance

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    We understand car loans and finance and can help you find a low cost car loan or finance package suitable to your budget and lifestyle. At, we make your financing decision easy by managing the entire application from start to finish, whilst delivering the highest level of customer service.

    Having the right person on your side is essential in gaining a suitable Carselling loan.

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 √ No Deposit Finance

You can borrow 100% against your next Carselling vehicle. Our professional finance consultants help you find, compare and choose no deposit car loans and finance with fixed payments and flexible terms.

You Choose!

Having access to one of the largest panel of lenders in Australia allows our industry trained Vehicle Finance Consultants find the best loan that’s suitable to your budget and lifestyle needs. With loan terms from 1 to 7 years, there’s never been a better time to purchase your new Carselling vehicle.

Fast, Flexible, Easy

No one wants to fill in endless applications just to see if you qualify for car finance. Our online loan application is a simple and hassle free process to get your application moving and we take care of the rest! With a fast turnaround time this can give the green light if arranging a delivery time.

Low Rates

With National buying power and access to one of the largest panel of lenders in Australia, our job is to compare and negotiate the very best interest rate suited to your profile, usage and budget. We beat the banks with car finance and loans.

2nd Chance Car Finance Option

We understand bad things do happen to good people and unfortunately some banks will not grant a car loan approval if the customer has questionable credit or a black mark on their credit file. iCREDIT provides a range of loan options and can cater for self employed with no financials, default history on credit files or simply your bank or loan broker has said “No”. Our job is to explore every avenue to help gain a suitable loan approval allowing you to then make an informed decision on your vehicle purchase.

Obligation Free

Even if you are still in the research phase or want to compare your current car loan approval, speak to one of our trained finance consultants for an obligation free quote. You will be assigned a personal finance consultant for the duration of the loan application who can answer any questions you may have regarding loans.


We can provide financing options for any age model vehicle, business use car finance, rent to buy car loans, chattel mortgage, leasing and more.


The team at iCREDIT have been providing competitive finance options for over 20 years. Our extensive panel of lenders and specific loan products not only ensure that your experience will be a positive one, but will also source the best deal for you, providing you with a stress free experience.




iCREDIT provides vehicle finance options, import car loans to meet your needs and objectives. 

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