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Car Finance Interest Rates – Ideas & Tips to secure a car loan

Car Finance is a very competitive market with banks, financiers, brokers and non conforming lenders advertising themselves in order to secure a customers business. This is great if your a consumer as there’s a diverse range of loans and lenders to choose from.

The confusing part is who is offering what and for how much? Lenders apply their car loan interest rates in accordance with internal lending criteria and guidelines, so how do you know you’re getting the most appropriate car loan?

The internet is a great starting point as there are many car loan comparison sites with car finance interest rates shown to give you a guide on what is available, but without knowing each lenders internal guidelines and lending criteria gaining a suitable car loan can be a case of hit and miss.

Having the  support of a car finance provider can help you find a car loan product suitable to your needs, budget and vehicle being purchased. Car Finance brokers can help reduce unnecessary credit enquiries on your credit file and through background work they can help you secure car finance quicker and more often at lower interest rates than applying directly to the bank yourself.

iCREDIT can provide an obligation free assessment to help you determine what car finance package will be suitable to you.

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