Can Car Finance Brokers Save You Money?

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If you’re relying on financing or lending options for your next car purchase, then it’s worth considering seeing the help of a professional finance broker. Below are a few reasons to answer the question, can car finance brokers save you money?


Comparing is their job.

A car finance broker has access to a panel of banks and vehicle specific lenders to choose from. They should compare lenders and loan products to find a solution that best suits your needs, budget and loan requirements.


Finance Knowledge is the key

Car finance brokers talk to lenders everyday and understand the individual lending criteria, interest rates, comparison rates, lenders fees and loan documentation. Not all car loans are the same, so they can help structure a car loan suited to your personal or business needs and goals.


Direct Access

Banks and Car Lenders rely on new business from car finance brokers, so they will have their finger on the pulse on promotions, interest rate reductions and great deals from lenders. They can help save you time by liasing directly with banks to present your car finance application to the most appropriate lender for you.


No Obligation

What ever you buy, you’re going to compare, so why not compare loans. Car finance brokers should provide obligation free loan comparisons and quotes allowing you to make an informed decision on your loan and purchase. If you’re still researching or want to compare your current car loan approval, contact a car finance broker to compare.


Is a Car Finance Broker necessary to get a loan?

No, you don’t need to use a car finance broker at all to obtain a loan however having someone on your side to help compare lenders and car loans is essential. A car finance broker will do the hard work for you and can help you decide on a car loan that’s  suitable to your budget and usage needs.